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The majority of dog bites come from little dogs. What if your little dog bites a big dog?
Being afraid is not the way to go through life, and there are health issues associated.
Small Victories. Be your dog’s favorite reward.

We Train Dogs

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Not into cops well, you have to admit they are well-informed about inappropriate aggression. The K9’s and their Officers do a thankless job, so get to know them before you judge. We are here to help dog’s and their people.

Dog aggression training

We work with aggressive dogs and offer techniques that are based on Psychology and current behavioral science.

In most dog training, your dog’s job is to learn to understand you. Our job is to teach you how to understand your dog. We get to know you and your dog and base our training recommendations on what we see when you and your dog are in different situations. We know we are on target based on what your dog tells us. Dogs think, just like we do, they anticipate what will happen in the world and act based on those assumptions. Some dogs even misunderstand other dogs, just like people we get upset because of what we think will happen, and we don’t always get it right.

Aggression is a skill. Knowing how to progress from asserting yourself to defending yourself or your person is an important part of being a dog, but, some dogs just need someone to teach them how and when to use their skill. The first step before we see you is to address any injuries or disease your best friend may have. Just like us, if we are sick or hurt we are more likely to “lose it” So, we need to make sure your dog has a clean bill of health, a good diet and appropriate mental and physical exercise.

Here is a great resource for aggressive dog owners.

Dog Anxiety training

This is a good general video about dog fear and anxiety. Fear in social situations, maybe do to lack of socialization. Dog or People Anxiety is not! And no, you do not want a dog trainer. You need a Dog behaviorist, Animal Behaviorist or Motley Dog Training LLC.

Dog Fear and Anxiety – How to Calm an Anxious Dog | PetMD

Simply stated, most incidents of aggression in dogs are caused by fear. It is important to know that fear and anxiety are not the same thing. Fear is a part of anxiety which is a biochemical/cognitive disorder and fear is a normal reaction that is, in some cases, just the intelligent choice for survival. However, not all dogs aggress when anxious, some cower or hide and other dogs get so “excited” they pee.

Anxiety in dogs is expressed in many of the same ways that we humans do. It is not surprising but, the treatment methods that are most effective and also the same. The difference is in the manner of communication. We rely on verbal communications, dog are masters of non-verbal communication.

Dog Obedience training

Did you know that the basics of elite dog trainers (not the franchise, I would avoid those) is not learning sit, stay and down? True pros in dog training have a list of five or seven commands we call the formal commands, This is the easy part. So, yes if this is a problem email Motley, right away, something else is going on.

Our Tier One Dog Training is based on skills used by elite dog trainers. (SOCOM, K9 Cops and Working Dogs.) While having an MS in Behavioral Sciences to boot! You will learn the Motley Dog Basics. This foundation will give you and your teammate all the tools you need to specialize or just be the greatest family dog in the neighborhood.

Yes, if you live in Boulder, we can train your dog to go leashless. Keep in mind that in Broomfield, Colorado this is not legal so, leash up and clean up your dog poo.

Here we go with the Veterinarian stuff again, but, please be sure your dog is vaccinated for rabies and let them know what you do with your dog and where you do it. Heartworm medication is a smart choice and there are other preventatives your doggie doc will recommend but, they need to know what the two of you will be exposed to.

Rabies in Colorado

Heartworm in Colorado

Broomfield Animal Ordinances/City of Broomfield, CO

Puppy Training

Yes, if we can help your dog with dog on dog aggression or your dog being afraid of men, we can train your puppy. The benefit is that we won’t have to try to confine you behind a shield, which is just stupid and disrupts the class or have to kick you out of a puppy training class if problems arise, you are already with the right dog trainers. So, relax, we have got this.

The Motley Dog Training Model

Motley Dog Training is based on private one on one training. Simply, it is an elite training model. Every professional athlete, movie star even academics work with a personal trainer, coach or advisor one on one. We do not just teach everyone the same things. Each dog and person we train are individuals, and you all have differing experience, skills and concerns. An example, your dog might be a master at sitting on command but, has never been able to leave the house without fear, or aggression so, we will be focused on helping your dog with their experience of the outside world.

Each session location and content is based on your reports & our observations of your dog’s behavior. So, the success of MDT training techniques are dependent on your dog’s behavior. Why do we listen to your dog? We are here to change your dog’s behavior so, if we do not see changes, we are not on target.

This is also great advice for our teams when doing your homework. Know your dog and pay attention to what your dog is telling you.

If you do not see a behavior change in your dog’s behavior, email Motley right away. Our techniques are simple but, the devil is in the detail. We want you to be practicing correctly. Small bits at a time, 10 to 15 mikes of very attentive training, depending on the age of your dog. Puppy, have the attention span of, well, a puppy. This should be done at least three times a day in the correct environment.

Scheduling your first Session

All you need to do is email Motley and tell us about your dog. We use this information to design our first session. You will be offered a time and location for your session, and we will get to work. All sessions are about one hour long, and we encourage you to bring a friend or significant other. Everyone who will be training the dog needs to be on the same page. Don’t worry, you will each take your turn at being the handler.

After your session, we will discuss what we have learned and give you a mission for the week. If you are with us because your dog has a behavior to work on, we strongly suggest that you follow the techniques as we present them. If you are uncomfortable with anything, something is unclear, or you think we have lost our minds just tell us, we have been at this for decades so, there is more than one method, but, we are a little crazy, can’t do much about that.

Motley Dog Training Techniques

Did you know that 99.9% of dog training that helps dogs came from the study of human behavior? The foundation of conditioning that dog trainers cling to was created by two psychologists that were attempting to understand human behavior. We have gone beyond dog training certificates and yes we do keep up on standard dog training but, we went to universities and learned the good stuff in detail with decades of experience in applied psychology with both humans and dogs. Our founder studies research and applied psychology and is a Master of Sciences. Motley Dog Training techniques are based on how dogs really think and behave, and it is not as simple as conditioning.

MDT training is based on understanding your dog, not your dog understanding you. We will know if we are succeeded because your dog will let us know with their behavior. Measuring your dog’s behavior is how we know without a doubt that our techniques are better. We will not waste your time by telling you, you need more repetitions or that the technique will work. Your dog will let us know if we are on target or way off the mark, and dogs won’t lie just to make us feel good. Can your dog trainer say that? An important Motley Dog Basic is SMALL VICTORIES, but, you will see the changes.

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