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Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Dogs bite, Dogs jump, and Dog pull us into unexpected situations. There is no such thing as a harness that prevents pulling on a leash. But, if you are working with a dog that has aggression or anxiety that causes aggression, you might need some equipment in the beginning.


Good for puppy bites as well as the big boys. If your dog has Dog Aggression or dog Anxiety, you will want gloves. What causes redirected aggression in dogs?

Motley’s recommendation: or Home Depot Husky Gloves 2nd choice.

Proper Shoes

You do not have to wear tactical boots but, please, consider that we will be out in the real world. 


If your dog is aggressive they are not thinking, if they jump up a lot you want to protect whatever you can. This is at your discretion.

Training a hyper dog

Might were a cup and long sleeve work shirt

Training Vests for Dogs

This should be a tactical vest with a handle on the top.

Motley’s recommendation: FIRE WATCHER K9 Harness 2.0 SKU TG-GBX03 or Dean and Tyler DT harness

Standard 6ft dog leash

Training leashes for dogs that pull. They do not work. Do not waste your time or money!

Motley’s recommendation: Dean and Tyler 6′ soft touch leash or nylon.

Training Treats for Dogs

We will teach you all about rewarding your dog and dog higher anarchy of reward, but, we need to get to know your dog first. Yes, most dogs are food motivated but, in the conditioning world, we think this food reward model is

1. Highly, and we do mean highly, overrated.

2. Often results of treatment are credited to the food reward without credible analysis of other more persuasive causal variables. Yes, food reward will be a tool we teach you to use along with marking a behavior but, if you really want a solid relationship with your dog, let them tell you what motivates them. This is yet another technique developed by Motley Dog Training, and we are the only professional dog trainers that base our training on this model. Now that we have published it, there will be others.

The Motley Dog difference is that we studied motivation and associated theories in great detail so, we have a foundation, experience and education that few others have. We are the only company that we know of in the Broomfield CO. We are with these creds. Maybe one other?

Dog Collars

It should be wide to protect the vital structure of the neck and Throat of your dog.

No thin “strapy” dog harnesses or collars, please.

Motley’s recommendation: Balckjack Leather handcrafted dog collars.

Dog Muzzle

If you work with aggressive dog or anxious dogs, we recommend you start off with one. There is a correct way to introduce your dog to things, let us help.  Yes, it needs to be a basket muzzle. Dogs do not sweat, Dog Pant. Aggression and Anxiety require a lot of breathing so, even at the Veterinarians office, use a basket muzzle. Your dog will than you. 

Motley’s recommendation: Dean and Tyler Leather basket muzzle

Keep in mind, even after we have trained your dog, there are plenty of other dogs and people out in our neighborhood that could use Motley Dog Training. Safety first!

Motley’s recommendations for: Specialized Dog Training.

Training two dogs

All dogs should be trained One on One. Once you have progressed past the foundation of training, you can work with two or more dogs provided they are all on the same page.

Just FYI domestic dogs are not great at learning from other dogs.  Team experiment. It is possible that we have bred out the instinct to learn from and maybe even understand other domestic dogs. The wild ones are great at learning from each other, but, the best model for your family pet is most likely you. Weird no? This is still a topic of current MDT research, so, we will keep you informed.

Training to be a therapy dog

Now if you mean to go to hospitals, libraries or other establishments to lighten the load, some dogs are great at that and love it. We know that Good Samaritan Hospital and Alta Vista Hospital both have great programs, so, contact one of them to lead the way, and hey, thank you. 

Training service dogs

Please do not confuse service dogs with emotional support dogs or therapy dogs. You will need a reputable service dog training organization. A true service dog is bred for duty and trained almost from day one. We are sorry but, no you can not train any dog to be a service dog, protection dog or even a therapy dog. 

Training an emotional support dog

My lil boy is a three-legged emotional support dog. Any dog or animal can be a great help with your mental health but, if your situation is so severe that you need your dog at all times, you might consider a service dog. They are not the same thing and do not enjoy the same freedoms and responsibilities under the law. See service dog. 

Training protection dog

If you have been googling how to train a protection dog or working dog, please see “service dog” and substitute protection. Email Motley so, we can help you get on target. 

“Not just another dog trainer because we know your dog is not just another

At Motley Dog Training, we believe that your dog is not just another dog! They all have their own talents and skills, just like we humans. What makes us different is that we help you discover your dog’s skills and talents.

Specialized training for dogs

Hopefully you now understand that specialized dogs are not common and training to teach a dog something they are not built for is misguided.  Most dogs are good with their nose, so, how about search and rescue dogs? Sent dogs? Teach your dog Frisbee or agility. Take your dog for a swim.  There are even cadaver dogs, but the training is not for the faint of heart. 

Dog Training Basics

The good news is that the basics of dog training that are required for any house pet are the same as those used to training the world’s  most elite dogs.  Come to Motley Dog Training and learn the Motley Dog Tier  One dog training basics.  They are not what you think.

Keep in mind, even after we have trained your dog, there are plenty of other dogs and people out in our neighborhood that could use Motley Dog Training.

Puppy training equipment

Motley’s recommendations for Puppy Training.

All Dogs Benefit from this equipment, but, start them young.

Crate Training Puppies

How to crate train your dog? It takes some time, and you want your puppy or dog to feel safe, and the crate should also be a happy place.  Crate dog training is also good for establishing boundaries and doggy time-outs. Sounds like a contradiction we know, psychology is full of contradiction so, contact Motley and let get in done the right way. 

Dog Mat

Have you ever wondered where your dog should be when you answer the door or eat dinner? Teaching your dog the Place command is a must. If you have a pup or did not get this right with your older dog, you will need to start with the crate and some dog impulse control training from Motley Dog Training. 

Feeding your dog or puppy

This is not where you save money. Dogs with poor diet have more medical problems in their lives, this can also lead to aggression, anxiety, allergies or an entire host of problems you do not want to pay for.  

If your dog has a poor diet, you might check out

Travelers Pet Insurance. 

My lil Boy eats

Raw.partially frozen meats, fish, organs and occasionally other animals. We take half the recommended dry food from Orijen dog food red and blue,  we mix it up and add the raw dog diet. Don’t forget the bone meal or bone  homemade less sodium.  The only supplement we ever use are probiotics recommended by your veterinarian.

Raw not your thing? Check out Chuck and Don’s food finder. 

Pet Registration it is a law in Broomfield, Here is the LINK.

Training older dogs

Older dogs just like people need mental stimulation and good times. Dogs that are older will love thinking, playing and learning. 

Older dogs, just like us, can have aggression, anxiety or depression. We can help with your older pet.

Your dog will always give you far more than you give them.

Become a Motley Dog Training Team.

Training is about to add to your quality of life !

The happiest people and dogs we know are out there living life and having new experiences and adventures together. Learning for dogs is a lifetime thing, just like with people.

German Shepherd Puppy
Dalmation puppy we have trained them all.
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