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Dog Aggression, what works?

The basics: “The best are the best because they do the basics the best!”

How to training an aggressive dog?

Take a deep, deep breath. The most important factors in helping an aggressive canine are the basics:

  • Shelter & safety. It is your job to protect your dog from society and society from your dog.
  • Great food (yes, diet effects behavior.) watch out for allergies, histamine can do crazy things to your mood, as well as gas or indigestion.
  • When is your dog comfortable and happy. Pay more attention to when your dog is doing the right thing and make a big deal of it. REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOR.
  • Calm, your emotional state is one of the greatest influences for your dog’s behavior and the better your dog knows you, the stronger this effect becomes.
  • Secure your dog! Until you go see a vet and Motley Dog, your job is to keep your dog and others safe. Do not make excuses or rationalize your dog’s behavior. See a pro.
  • Environment and Situation awareness are keep factors. Small Victories.
  • Health, now even a wolf that is having a medical emergency might be docile but, injury, disease or just not feeling strong can make a dog think that they need to be aggressive.

Once you have this list squared away, then it is time to consider dog training. We can not imagine this happening but, should you not choose Motley Dog Training you need an animal behaviorist, not your local obedience dog trainer. If you leave this website with one piece of advice, this is it, chose a dog training expert that can show you that they are good, not just tell you what you want to hear.

Here is something that no other dog training business or dog trainer will tell you.

Not all dogs like us. Those who think they are right to train every dog and/or person lack experience or just do not want to face the music.

People liking people, you could have three doctors that are all amazing at what they do but, one is just not the one you like or feel comfortable with. We get that, tell us on your first session or whenever this conflict arises, and we will handle the situation like professionals. People have different tastes, belief and feelings. We train anyone, and yes we have the Motley Dog Reg’s but, we realize that one of the most important factors in helping a dog and their people is comfort.

We wish we could say we are right for everyone, but, that would be pushin the truth. We do not do that around here.

We tell every one of our clients before their first session to be certain that they have seen their veterinarian. Most do not listen until it is obvious that this is necessary. Does this mean fewer clients for us? Maybe, research shows that great medical management combined with great dog training improves behavior far better than just one or the other. However, if you see your Veterinarian and this fixes the problem we are happy, our mission is to help dogs not collect dog training clients.

It is our hope that when you are out having a great time with your dog that you will mention that Motley Dog Training got you on the right path and saved you some money. That is a big success, we helped a dog and their person.

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Dog attack caught on tape, WIVBTV News 4

Neither of these two mentioned dog training? What one of them needs is :

Professional dog training from Motley Dog Training LLC

Dog Trainer that specializes in Animal behavior like Motley Dog Training LLC

What works to treat dog aggression?

There are many safe and effective methods that are known to improve dog aggression that have been explored and studied objectively by the scientific community involved in treating the most serious aggression cases.  

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This is Nigel Reed the methods in this video are good examples of similar training and techniques used and developed by Motley Dog Training LLC. Thank you, Nigel from the Motley Dog Training Team!

So, you just got a new puppy, and you just can not wait to join that puppy socialization group. You show up, and your dog is aggressive toward other dogs. Your puppy is aggressive? Why is your puppy aggressive? Your puppy is aggressive toward people, and you are either quarantined behind a screen which is stupid and disrupts the other dog’s training, or you are just asked to leave? What do you do when your puppy is not quite ready for puppy socialization class or puppy play groups or doggy day care?

Elite dog trainer understand that socializing your dog takes a foundation not a party so, we will teach you how to develop a secure attachment with your dog. Yes, we start with attachment theory it is a little like bonding with your puppy but, far more scientific. Conditioning your dog will not cut it, dogs are not that good at learning from other dogs so, one on one puppy training with Motley Dog Training is where we start.

A Motley Dog Basic:

Dogs learn new skills best if it is one on one training.

Small Victories.

Start small, set your dog up for success, and build on that. Take your time and get it right the first time. Do not rush yourself and your puppy into situations that we only reinforce aggression or fear.

Every technique we teach your show begin with just you and your puppy or dog, no distractions, no dog socialization challenges just the two of you focused on each other for small periods of about 5 to 10 minutes. Puppies like humans need to build impulse control and the ability to pay attention and think. So, get your puppy thinking. Then we can go to Puppy Socialization class.

Look if COVID limited your ability to socialize your puppy there is hope but, you need trainers like us. Dog Behavior is what we do.

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Dog Leash Aggression:

Stop It Before It Starts | PetMD

There are many expressions of aggression, we have worked with them all.

Leash aggression

Aggression toward other dogs, people, or both?

My dog is protective? Are you sure about that?

My dog does not like men? Well who does? No seriously, we’ve got that!

My dog attacks small dogs?

My dog chases bunnies or squirrels?

You get the idea, Motley Dog Training Specializes in aggressive dogs.

Dog Aggression: “types”:

Categorization of behavior is an attempt to understand the cue or trigger of the behavior. It is a good tool in some cases, such as, leash aggression, resource guarding, or redirected aggression this points out where you need to be alert around your dog. These behaviors are innate characteristics of almost all animals. No one likes to be confined like on a leash, no one likes others to take their stuff and if you are having a seriously bad day you might lash out at a good friend without even thinking about it.

Most of us can properly assert ourselves when situations like these arise but, what if no one ever taught you to assert yourself or worse the models in your world were aggressive? Similarly, dog on dog aggression, or dog on people aggression are also shared characteristics of human behavior. As we have already stated, most cases are based on fear but, others are based on misunderstanding other dogs or people. If you think about it, almost every type of dog aggression has a human counterpart so, We work on the actual cause of the aggression. We help you build a foundation that leads to a change in your dog’s behavior. 

Keep in mind that if your dog have border aggression that is the result of their behavior, it is not the cause. Motley Dog Training will get your dog thinking about the world in a more prosocial way.

These behaviors are not: Dog Obedience problems.

The most well-meaning Obedience dog trainer is not what you need. Just like with people, there is a reason you do not go to your local personal trainer when you have a broken leg. How do we know? We presented a typical Motley Dog Training case to over 2k dog trainer across the country claiming to be “expert” dog trainers and only three of them gave a credible answer. (Motley Dog Training, 2022).

You have to build a foundation for success before you jump into the firefight. Small Victories. This is yet another reason Motley’s training is superior, we teach you the foundation of dog relationships and how to “drive your dog.” These are required for lasting behavioral change.

If you want fast and easy

Think about a time that you have tried to change your own behavior? Motley’s dog training techniques and the Motley Dog Basics are easy but, the time and consistency is all you. Just like when you try to change your own behavior.

We do think that our training techniques based on experience, adventure and challenges is a lot more fun the running around with a punch of treats and repeating the same thing over and over and over again. Yes, we know all the standard dog conditioning techniques. Even learned them from a few of our nation’s best.

You will never know if you don’t take the chance.

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