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When calling, please leave a message with your name number and your primary training goal. Thank you.

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We serve Broomfield and the surrounding areas.

Motley Dog Training

A small, Local business with a single mission

To help dogs and their people.

Our teams say it best:

Google Five star

Kirby and Jeff :

I would like to review Motley. Five stars all the way! I called him for some advice on dealing with my puppy and his submissive urination. Motley took the time to educate me, give me a bunch of free advice, and it worked amazingly well. Not only did he give me free advice, but then he called to follow up a few weeks later! This is unheard of customer service nowadays! I was in awe at his “dog whispering”! He truly understands dog psychology and training of behaviors. I look forward to utilizing his services in the future for other behaviors!

We want to be a good neighbor and have everyone say good things about us. Our job is not to sell dog training, it is to help dogs and their people. We have had many calls that resulted in dogs simply needing an adjustment in their environment or a simple correction in how Mom and Dad manage their dog or puppy. Now, if you are one of these cases a great five-star Google review is always nice but, not required. Sometimes people are just discouraged and lose direction, or they are missing something simple. An email to the Motley Dog Training Team might be all you need. For those of you who are just a little off course but, the phone call or email did not get the job done, we do offer single sessions,

Motley Dog Training Single Sessions are also a great way to try out our service, work on specific behaviors that you are having trouble with, or just meet a trainer. If you pay cash you even get $50.00 off and if you decide that MDT is right for you and your dog we are happy to apply that amount to our world-famous Motley Dog Training Four Session Package, this is a prepaid package and of course if you pay cash you will receive $100.00 off.

Motley Dog Training Four Session Package, will give most teams the foundation and direction they need to succeed in their dog training goals. The majority of our client “re-up” or continue their training. We are very thankful that the majority of our teams enjoyed their first four sessions so much that they wanted more. Go Motley !!

Contacting Motley

Please include: dog’s name, age, sex and how long you have had the dog. The number of dogs in the home. Medical status and behavior concerns. !!!! See your Veterinarian fist !!! If behavior is not your vet’s thing, we can recommend a great dog doctor.

Thank you

The location of training is based on what we are training your dog to do. Please contact Motley Dog Training LLC if you are interested in learning more.