Cognitive Dog Training by Motley

When it comes to Psychological and Cognitive dog training Motley Dog is the tip of the spear Episodic/Elaboration, dog training techniques developed by us in the 90’s Training with Motley Dog Training is unlike any other dog training. We use Episodic/Elaboration, dog training techniques developed by us. There are many disciplines in the field of READ MORE

Dog aggression Treatment

Dog Aggression, what works? The basics: “The best are the best because they do the basics the best!” Know your Dog Learn when your dog is getting stressed Recognizing and acting on signs of stress in your dog Changing your dog’s environment  Relationship building so that your dog pays attention to you when you need them to READ MORE

Training Tools for Dogs

Personal Protective Equipment PPE Dogs bite, Dogs jump, and Dog pull us into unexpected situations. There is no such thing as a harness that prevents pulling on a leash. But, if you are working with a dog that has aggression or anxiety that causes aggression, you might need some equipment in the beginning. Gloves Good READ MORE

Motley Dog Training in Action

Motley dog training is action is about us getting even better. These are actual cases and the outcomes. Our hope is that Veterinarians, elite dog trainers or experienced animal behaviorists will comment on these cases, and we can learn a thing or too. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, no seriously, we READ MORE

How do you know if a dog is aggressive?

How do you know if your dog is aggressive and how to help your dog. Aggressive dogs: What questions do we need to ask? – NCBI Frequently Asked Questions about dog aggression What is the most common cause of aggression in dogs? Fear and aggression are normal emotional responses that have evolved in all animals READ MORE

How do you know if a dog has anxiety?

How can you tell if your dog has anxiety? Body language is often the best indicator. Symptoms may vary from dog to dog depending on the type and severity of their anxiety, but the easiest way to identify if your dog is suffering from anxiety is by paying attention to their body language. This can READ MORE